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For over 60 years, private and commercial customers have relied on the Van Ballegooijen taxi company’s services. From our offices in Spijkenisse, we provide transport in the Voorne-Putten area, Hoogvliet and around the port of Rotterdam.

We’re a traditional family business and we would be more than happy to take care of your passenger transport needs. Involvement and reliability are our driving forces.

We also invest in innovation: by choosing online solutions, you can follow your driver live on your computer or smartphone. It’s not only a safe, reassuring feeling for you, if you’re arranging transport for others, it’s reassuring for them, too.

Thanks to our good relationships with other transport companies, we are able to offer the same quality service in the rest of the Netherlands.

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Terms and conditions

When booking online (both individual rides and Schiphol airport transport) the following conditions apply:

  • Payment in advance
  • 24-hour minimum reservation time
  • Discount rates apply from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 15:00 and in the weekend from 06:00 – 23:00
  • For bookings outside these times, please contact our sales department (verkoop@tvbs) (sales@tvbs??) for an appropriate, competitive quote

Our fleet

We have a modern fleet of more than 50 taxis (4 to 8 passengers) and four mid-size coaches (up to 22 passengers), which allows us to offer a high-quality, comfortable solution for every transport need.

These vehicles are, of course, driven by our own qualified personnel.

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